Sunday, January 26, 2014

Valentines Day Giveaway!

Hi guys!

I've been wanting to do a giveaway for a while now. <3 This is to say thank you for all of your support. (and of course to give one lucky winner an extra special Valentines Day.)

The Prizes
-A duo package of Essie polishes, containing Turquoise & Caicos a glass nail file & Jazzy Jubilant
-Three Pure Ice polishes (l-r) No Means No,Splash! & Shell Pink
-A moisturizing hand cream by Herbacin
-Quo Lip Balm
-Quo eye embellishments(Studs and Skulls)
-A dangly heart keychain
-Three viles of loose glitter
-Six mini cheetah print nail files
-A leopard print mirror
-and 4 viles of loose iridescent hex glitters for glitter placement.
The Rules:
1. To enter, submit your IG name into the rafflecopter down below. There are 2 other ways to gain an entry, either by subscribing to my YouTube Channel and or liking my facebook page.

2. Contest is international BUT if you're outside Canada or US, you will be required to assist in paying for a portion of the shipping(due to high shipping costs) If you win $10 (cnd) will need to be paid via paypal to ship your prize.)

3. If you're under the age of 18, I will need your parents consent before asking for your shipping address. 

Contest will end February 2nd and winner will be announced February 3rd. Winner will be picked at random & have 48 hours to claim prize. (Other wise a new winner will be picked.) 
I will announce the winner on IG, and i will update this blog post with the winners name.

Good luck to everyone and thank you again for all of your ongoing support. I hope the lucky winner enjoys their prize from me!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Jindie Nails Swatches & Review (Indie Polish)

Hey polish lovers!

Happy 2014! I hope you're having a great start to the New Year! It's almost hard to believe that January is half over already. As soon as Christmas passed, I was already craving spring. Why you gotta be so cold, winter?

Anyways! At the beginning of the month I received 7 beautiful polishes from Jindie Nails to swatch and review. (Along with a bottle of my favorite top coat HK girl by Glisten and Glow.)
I've already posted these swatches to my Instagram page, but I figured I'd do a proper detailed review on here. :)

1.The first polish I swatched is called *Polo* (Purple Holo).

Perfect for those of us who love purples and lavenders. It's filled with magnificent indigo & violet shimmer. Super eye catching yet delicate at the same time. This is 3 easy coats with one coat of topcoat. The application was superb. (I paired it with a rhinestone bow from The Born Pretty Store)
(Photo was taken in natural light on a cloudy day).

2.Next up is *Vixen*. 

An amazing burgundy shade loaded with holo & subtle flakey bits. It's just so unique & beautiful. Like shimmering cranberries. (It also reminds me of sparkling wine, which adds to my love for it Lol!) This is 2 coats with 1 coat of top coat. This one applied like a dream!
(Photo taken in direct sunlight.)

3.Here we have *Twerkin' For A Birkin*. 

This is 3 coats of the gorgeous green multi chrome that shimmers silver and even purple at times! I did a bit of nail art over this shade using *Snow Me White* by Sinful Colors & chevron Nail Vinyls. All topped off with 1 coat of topcoat. (Application started off quite sheer, but by the 3rd coat it was perfectly opaque!) An absolute gorgeous polish!
(Photo taken in natural light, with minimal sunshine.)
To see my YouTube tutorial on how to achieve this look, click here

4. This beauty is called *Foot Prints In The Snow*. 

I mentioned this on my instagram post, but I have to say it again! I felt like princess Jasmine wearing this manicure. Such a pretty polish! It's a sky blue crelly (cream jelly) with blue, gold & maroon glitters! Here I am wearing (with topcoat)-3 coats on my index/pinky & 1 coat on my middle/ring finger. .(Tips created using a gold glitter polish by Stripe Rite.)
Application for this one was amazing! The only issue I had was trying to fish the larger maroon glitters out of the bottle. I would recommend leaving this polish upside down over night to allow the glitters to move closer to the top. Other than that, I was super impressed! (Photo taken in natural light.)

5. This one was one of my favorites. It's called *O Holo Night*

I love rich blues, so this one is special to me. Here I am wearing 3 coats with 1 coat of topcoat. (Photo taken in natural light, no sunshine) 

Along with an exceptional application, it's also filled with amazing holo. (Photo taken in direct sunlight.)
Compared to the rest of the holos in this post, this one had a bit of difficulty when being removed. It just took a little extra effort. Totally worth it though. ;)

6.Wearing *There Are No Seasons In Indie* made a bad day a little bit better. 

It's a really happy looking polish, filled with assorted neon pink, neon orange, neon purple, magenta, lilac & matte/metallic red glitter dots. I love how soft the yellow base is. Here I am wearing 4 thin coats with 2 coats of top coat. It was a breeze fishing out glitters from this polish! It made for a super quick application as dry time was great as well. It's a limited edition, so its only around for a short time. (Photo taken in natural light, no sunshine.)

7. Lastly, but not leastly, lol (not a word, I know) we have my #1 favorite. *Just Claws*

This is just 2 coats. (no topcoat.)
It's so rich and beautifully pigmented. In normal lighting it's a deep dusty rose with such amazing depth to it, but once it hits the light...oh my goodness. It knocked my socks off! It was as if rainbow prisms were dancing off of my nails. The gold shimmer is to die for. 

I can't even explain how much I love this one. Like I mentioned, I applied 2 coats, but you could honestly get away with one if you really wanted to. That blows my mind. (Photo taken in my light box, with no flash.)

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the quality of Jindie Nails. The colors are to die for, the brushes are great, and the formulas are spot on! 

I thank you if you have read this far! I hope you enjoyed the beauty that the maker Jen from Jindie Nails has created. I know I did.  You can check out her website for more details and availability at I'm excited to announce that she has asked me to be a permanent part of her blogger team! So excited to keep working with her!

Did you like this blog post? I'd love to hear some feedback! Leave a comment below... letting me know which polish was your favorite or if you'd like me to keep doing reviews on indies? Or even just to say hi!

Thanks for checking out this post! I appreciate it so much. ily guys! 

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Nail Art Review.-Curved Rhinestone Bows from The Born Pretty Store.

Hi friends!

I deserve a slap for neglecting my blog for so many months! 2013 has been a rough year for me mentally and physically, but I'm trying my best to throw myself back into the world. New year, new start, right? I have been jotting down ideas for posts over the past couple of months though, so stay tuned for lots of fun things!

Anyways! Enough about me! Let's get to the fun stuff!

I want to talk to you about a product that I received (roughly 4 months ago) from an online nail art supply shop called The Born Pretty Store. These are their 'Silver Crystal Bow Knots'.

They come in packages of 10 for $5.99. (The site always provides free worldwide shipping on orders)

As you can see, they're slightly curved, which is FANtastic!

There are so many cute bow charms out there for purchase, but the majority of them are flat, so the edges stick off of the nail on both sides. I can't tell you how many times I've seen girls sporting adorable bow manis, only to think 'how the heck does that bow not snag on things?!' Don't get me wrong, they're adorable for photo purposes, but not suitable for those of us who want to wear a 'comfortable' mani. (I can't imagine those surviving through housework.) If you can make them last, please tell me your secret!

Each of these bows has 19 tiny rhinestones embedded in a metal setting.

I have used these bows a total of 3 times since I received them. Each time falling so in love with how they accentuate a manicure.

This was the first manicure I created using these bows. I used Shell-O by China & some swarovski gem stones to complete this mani.  You can really see how nice and flat it lays on my nail here. A few of the bows in the package had a gem stone or 2 that were raised or a tad out of place, but its nothing too noticeable at average distance. I applied topcoat to adhere the bow & then i applied more topcoat just around the edges to help seal it on. Believe it or not, this manicure lasted me 1 full week & when I went to remove it, I had to literally soak my finger in acetone for 1 minute until the bow would remove. I was very impressed by its resistance!

The second manicure i created lasted equally as long. I feel like having the base of your nail exposed when wearing these bows really accentuates the look, it also looks more delicate than having the entire nail painted.  For this look, I used Shower Together by China Glaze, Snow Me White by Sinful Colors & a loose silver glitter from

Lastly, I used the beautiful Wrapped In Red made by Lumina Lacquer, Did You Ear About Van-Gogh? by opi, black acrylic paint & some swarovski gem stones to create this manicure. 
I didn't keep this mani on very long because I was swatching other polishes, but I may recreate something similar to wear over the holidays! They look fabulous on red!

After I removed each bow, I used a q-tip & some acetone to clean up around the back and sides & voila! They're reusable! 
I will most definitely keep on using these beauties. Its such a quick & easy way to bling up any manicure. What more could a girl ask for? lol.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Decmeber! I'll be back soon with another post! 

Comment below & let me know what you'd like to see from me in the future! I'd love to hear your feedback.!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cuticle Care

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week!

I've been pondering about what my first 'official' post should be, and I thought 'why not start with the basics?' I get asked frequently how I keep my cuticles so 'nice'. To me, this is such a weird concept. Only because for years I had issues with dry skin & a habit of biting my cuticles.(gross right?) They were so bad at one point that it was literally painful. I knew i had to stop. I was creating art on my nails yet ashamed to show my fingers to anyone. I started this journey with cracked, dry, nasty cuticles. I am now proud of how healthy I have gotten them to be. I hope this post will help anyone who is in the same or a similar boat.

I will try my hardest to give the best advice possible. Please keep in mind that I am not a professional. My 'tips & tricks' are things that have worked extremely well for me.

First, lets talk about nail polish remover. It's a necessity for all of us girls who love polish. I've tried many brands. From Cutex, Sally Hansen, Opi to no name brands. None of them were satisfying. I am a girl who uses a lot of glitter so i NEED a good remover. By a good remover I mean a strong remover that still has vitamins & minerals in it to replenish your nails.

Last June, I purchased a membership to Sally Beauty Supply and thats where I found my dream remover. Beauty Secrets Acetone. This product has Wheat Protein & vitamin E infused into it. It is not 100% acetone. It removes polish without hesitation. Darks, neons, & subtle glitters. Obviously for the heavier glitters you've got to hold the remover on your nail for a minute or two until it penetrates through, but it is much more effective than any other brand(for a GREAT price! this huge litre bottle was around $8 CDN. They come in 3 sizes. Small($3), Medium($4.50) & large($8) (which is what I have.)

This company does make acetone in pure form, but let me just say, if you have natural nails I do not recommend removing your everyday manicure with it. I own a very small bottle of the 100% acetone, and the only time I use it is when I am cleaning up my manicure. I will take a small angled eyeliner brush dipped in the acetone & lightly run it across my cuticles.

When using any nail polish remover, I suggest washing your hands right after.  The last thing you want is the acetone to eat away at your skin & dry out those cuticles!

Second, cuticle products. There are 2 things that I always use.

1. Cuticle 'remover', which I promise isn't as scary as it sounds. All it does is soften your cuticles and makes it really simple to push them back. Some people use a tool to push them back. I just use my thumb on the opposite hand. To make this process even easier, apply it right when you get out of the shower. Your cuticles will be nice & hydrated, super soft, and easy to push back. I will do this before each and every manicure i do.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT EVER cut or clip your cuticles. You are just asking for an infection. If yours are way out of control i suggest going to a professional to have them taken care of.

2. Cuticle Oil. This is a must. My new motto is 'oily cuticles are happy cuticles' because it is so true! I apply it at least twice a day. Once in the morning, and once before i go to sleep. I wear latex gloves at my job for 4-6 hours a day, so mine need a little extra love. Most people can get away with just applying it once a day.

Here are the products that i use religiously. I have been using them all since last november & I have repurchased both Essie products 3 times since then.

The green tube(far left) is "Disappearing Trick" by Essie which is the cuticle remover.

The blue tube(far right) is 'Smoothing Trick' by Essie which is the cuticle oil.

& the pretty bottle in the middle is also cuticle oil by Island girl(it has pretty little dried flowers inside & smells amazing!). I prefer the one by Essie, only because i just feel like Island Girl is not as hydrating. It will work fine for those of you who just need to maintain healthy cuticles, not transform them.

That pretty much sums up my cuticle care routine. Some people use lotions on a daily basis. I don't do this very often. I find my process to be very sufficient & it does what i need it to do.

I really hope this blog post was helpful! If I forgot anything, please feel free to leave questions in the comments. Also if there are any topics you would like me to address don't hesitate to leave those suggestions down below as well.

Take care everyone & happy painting!

Jessie. <3

Sunday, March 24, 2013

An Interview With Myself (lol)

Hello & Welcome to my blog! 

I figure I should introduce myself a little bit in my first

-My name is Jessica-Anne. (My friends call me Jessie)

-I'm Canadian

-I am 25 years old. 

-I have been obsessed with painting my nails & attempting my own nail art for about 9 months now. 

-It all started last April when i received a Konad stamping kit from my boyfriend. I was instantly obsessed and played with it everyday for about a month. 

.-I joined Instagram around the same time & started posting photos of my nails. As much as I loved what i was doing, I wasn't happy with my posts. I saw so many amazing nail artists on Instagram that were doing their own hand drawn nail art & their designs and photos were incredible. I thought 'Why can't I do that?!'  There are just endless possibilities. Stamping is fun but limited. 

-My first non stamping nail art that I ever attempted was a cupcake design.

-I got great feedback from my followers on these & I was honestly pretty proud of myself. I didn't have any dotting tools at that time. (if only I knew how cheap they were on eBay lol) so I was using the end of a makeup brush for large dots & the end of a bobby pin for smaller ones. 

-Over the past few months, I've done a few things.

-I've started taking care of my cuticles, they were honestly terrible before. I used to bite them. I know that sounds disgusting, I used to hide my hands because I was ashamed that I did that. I can be a nervous person sometimes, and at the time that was a way to distract myself. So gross. Anyways, I kept practicing nail art, and as I saw myself improving I was feeling more encouraged to stop biting them and start taking care of them. I didn't want to have cute nails and jacked up cuticles lol (plus it was painful sometimes). So I got myself 2 products by Essie Disappearing Trick & Smooth Trick 

(photo is from Oct 2012, about a month after i started using these two products) 

They both did wonders for me, and still do. I've repurchased both of these items a few times, as I use them every day or every second day. I will dedicate an entire blog post to cuticle care in the near future.

-I started maintaining my nails. They were always long, but sometimes too long, or uneven, or just not flattering. I regularly file them now & always wear a strengthening base coat. 

-I started paying attention to my hand poses, I try to get as straight on as possible when photographing. I also try my best to get even lighting. Natural light is the best lighting possible, but when I can't take a photo in the day, I use a lamp with a Daylight bulb(which I found at Walmart)  I will go further in depth with photo & lighting tips in a later post. 

Here is a water marble design I did a couple of weeks ago(using Fuchsia Rage-Nina & Frost Bite-China Glaze) 

As you can see, my photo quality has drastically changed.

(Glitters are from Use my coupon code IJNK31for 10% off your entire order. They have free world wide shipping as well.)

I have created this blog to start documenting my journey in Nail Art. I am not a professional, but I have some tips to share that I have learned along the way, and hopefully they will be helpful to some people. 

I really love doing this, and I am excited to share my work with you all <3


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